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Sahara Marokko Desert Tours

Sahara Marokko Tour Agency was started by me, Mohsin. I am a Toureg guy born in the desert into a nomadic family. As a child we travelled around to Algeria, Mali, all across the Sahara to M’Hamid, where we eventually settled when I was 11. As nomads, we traded Camels, sheep, donkey, and small cats. My family has always been nomads, and we have quite a large family throughout the desert but specifically M’hamid. We work together, trade together, and travel together.

After settling in M’Hamid, I realized village life was just not for me. We settled for the schools, for my brother, sister and my education. However, I would go to school and then go spend a few months at a time in the desert because I preferred life amongst the nomad camps. Camel trekking and taking care of the animals are some of my favorite parts of being in the desert.  The camels will even sing with us, it is a type of call and answer among us that no one else can do.

Why us?

The Sahara desert is a magical place of its own, it is my home. My favorite part of the Sahara is Erg Zehar. Although it’s very close to Algeria it is still in Morocco and the color of the sand dunes is breathtaking. The peacefulness of the dunes takes you to a far away land. This is why 5 years ago I decided that it was my duty to share these wonders with others. I have been running different style of tours for years, and am constantly perfecting the experience and coming up with new adventures. In short, I offer desert tours, but not just any desert tour. I offer an experience, more importantly a chance to travel the desert with the nomads, and to live as a local not a tourist. Welcome to the Sahara!

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