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Why Morocco is the best destination in Africa ?

Why Morocco is the best destination in Africa ?

Africa is a continent of miscellaneous traditions. even though the fact that the essential content of many of them has been obliterated throughout history. This happened due to cultural conflicts, african people nonetheless continue to protect what is left of their vast legacy from pioneers.

An important aspect of this very legacy is african cuisine. It represents with excellence one of the multicultural influences within the continent. Beside the cultural influence we may also add the natural one, for each country has specific natural resources available. Nevertheless, Africa has in globo a rich agriculture by its fertile large lands and its climate. For this reason its cuisine is full of ingredients in a way that makes dishes colourful.

Every african country has a special way of making food. For example,in north-african countries such as Morocco, ‘’al aatria’’ or seasoning has a practical importance. Dishes can be a mixture of many different ingredients. We do not see in some central-african countries their main dishes seem to be much simplistic . However, we can see all the african cuisines share similarities, therein lies the hub of cultural influence.

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