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Moroccan Food

Moroccan cuisine is known for it’s delicious dishes. These are in fact a result of the very deep influence of many cultures throughout history, especially arabic. It is known worldwide and seen to be one of the best cuisines according to many magazines. This is because of the success of moroccan restaurants made all around the globe.

You might have heard somewhere of moroccan couscous or tajine, but there are others that aren’t well known and deserve your attention. The traditional dishes differ from region to region ; special occasions call for some dishes while others are always served. Moreover, what marks moroccan cuisine amazing is all means the heavy use of ‘’al aatria’’ or seasoning. Similar to indian cuisine  – the passion and care that’s given to the structure of dishes for every tiny detail. In addition, bread is used with traditional food instead of forks, spoons and knifes, even with some kinds of heavy soups such as ‘’al harira’’. However, people may prefer to use their hands to eat some dishes like ‘’rfissa’’ or ‘’trid’’ ,’’seffa’’ and ‘’couscous’’.

Actually there’s so much to say about moroccan cuisine, especially in what concerns the cultural aspect, but the deep understanding of it necessitates trying it first.

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