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The Sahara Desert is, without question, our favourite region of Morocco. It may look as if there’s nothing but sand and sky but there’s a surprising number of things to do in the Sahara Desert. Any anyway, what more do you want from a desert? If you’re preparing for a trip to Morocco and the Sahara isn’t on your itinerary, we beg you to reconsider. In fact, we’d recommend you cut down your plans for Marrakech so you can spend more than a couple of nights in the desert.


Sleep in the Sahara, the desert of dreams

Sleeping in the desert, under a million stars!


Take a camel train ride.

It’s quite normal to take a camel ride to your overnight campsite if you’re on an arranged tour. They’re not the most comfortable animals to ride and your guide will always be walking alongside the camel train.

Sand surfing.


Sitting around the campfire.